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May 16, 2012

Tomato Basil Pancakes with Avocado and Balsamic Drizzle

So far this whole corn-free, wheat-free thing hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. Sure, its tough to get rid of the foods in my kitchen that I bought because I wanted and can no longer eat. And yes, memories of that french bread from the weekend are still fresh in my mind. But overall, it’s a pain in the butt, but I’m not missing the corn and wheat that much.

Granted, ask me again in a few weeks and I may be singing a different tune.

In the meantime, I’m doing okay, and trying to find interesting recipes that can accommodate my newly discovered dietary restrictions.

I was pointed in the direction of Clean Eating Chelsey, who has similar restrictions. On her blog I found a bunch of interesting recipes and decided to give her tomato basil pancakes a whirl…with my own tweaks, of course.

Tomato Basil Pancakes with Avocado and Balsamic Drizzle

1 1/2 cups Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free flour

2 tbsp flax seed meal

seasoning of your choice (I used Jim’s step dad’s, of course. Recommended: salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary)

1 cup almond milk (or other milk of your choice)

handful of basil leaves, chopped

1-2 roma tomatoes, chopped small and dried (I just patted the pile with a paper towel)

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 avocado, sliced

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Add almond milk. Stir until combined. Add basil and tomatoes. Boil balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan and set aside (it will thicken as it cools). Heat a griddle pan (or non-stick frying pan) with a little bit of olive oil. Pour batter onto griddle. Cook each side until its golden brown. Stack pancakes, lay 1/2 sliced avocado on top and drizzle with balsamic. Makes two servings (approx 6 pancakes, as shown above).

I actually flipped these over again to brown them a little more. Just fyi.

This was the first time I’d used the gluten-free flour, even though I purchased it back at Christmas time to take a shot at making some gluten-free cookies for a few friends with celiac disease. I was surprised at how good these tasted. Even my husband enjoyed them. Of course, if you aren’t sensitive to wheat or gluten, I’d probably recommend whole wheat flour. That’s what I would have used a week ago.

After dinner, we went out and played some tennis, and I took Monday’s photo (I know, I know. I’m supposed to take one every day, but I forgot my camera and my phone and I wanted this one for the 14th photo).

Day 14: Grass

I know it’s not grass. It’s a dandelion, but I look at it creeping up through a crack in the tennis courts every day when we play and it somehow inspires me…photographically speaking. I couldn’t get the exact shot I was hoping for with the phone camera, but I wasn’t going to bring my nice camera out when we were going to be haphazardly whacking balls all over the place. Not a smart move.

Day 15: Love

This is a double love because I love my little nephew and I love strawberries! Oh, and my mom in the background. I guess it’s a triple love!

Today’s photo is “what you’re reading,” and you’ll have to wait for that one because my books are at home!

May 7, 2012

Photo-a-day Catch-up

I know I said I’d post a photo every day, but you know how I am about posting anything on the weekends, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do today. I did, however, get all of my photos taken! Enjoy!

Friday: something you wore today

These are some of my favorite flats. They’re the most comfy ones I think I own (but they’re Dr. Scholls, so who’s surprised?). Sadly, they’re starting to lose it, I think. They may not be with us much longer….


What’s more fun than frozen yogurt?! I got plain old vanilla and topped it with strawberries, mango, brownie pieces, yogurt chips, mochi and a couple of chocolate covered gummy bears. It was delicious!

Saturday: bird

Isn’t it convenient that I happen to have a bird living in my house? She’s a loud pain in the butt, but she and my husband were a two-for-one deal. What can ya do?

Sunday: me

Sad as it is to admit, this is me: a big old mess. Not really my life so much as my personality. I am messy, but I want to be neat. I have a need to be active, but I have no energy. My personality houses a lot of conflicting ideas, goals, feelings. It’s crazy, and if I could catch a glimpse up there, I’m sure it would look a little bit like my desk here.(Oh, and you can see a little piece of my head in the frame sticking out from behind the pile. lol)

Today is Monday, and my photo of today is : Someone who inspires me. I have to do some thinking on that one. And figure out if I can get a photo or if I have to be creative! I’ll get back to you on that one.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday. How was the weekend? Anyone have any good stories to tell?

May 3, 2012

Yay for Exercise + Photo-a-day, day 2

I am amazingly proud of myself and Jim. The past two days we’ve gotten out of the house and gotten moving! I know that may seem like not a big accomplishment, two days, but for the two of us, that’s huge, especially considering how I’ve been feeling lately.

On Tuesday we took the tennis rackets out to the court at our apartments and “played” for about an hour…I think. I don’t really know. We were having fun and lost track of time. But I know I got a good workout in because my whole body is sore today, even places I wouldn’t have thought worked that hard in tennis…like my upper abs. Holy cow!

Last night, we walked a loop…about 20 minutes round trip, I would assume. Not as much of a workout as Tuesday Tennis, but its better than sitting on the couch right?!

I find it so much more fun and…non-exerciselike when someone else is with me, especially when it’s my husband because then its just hanging out with the love of my life, playing tennis…or going for a walk. I guess it’s the same reason why reading a book on the elliptical machine is easier than listening to music for me: I get distracted enough to forget what I’m doing.

And I’d bet, since you didn’t see a post yesterday, that I forgot about taking my photo for the day. Well, you’re wrong! I did it. I just didn’t get around to posting it last night.

Yesterday’s photo subject was: Skyline.

We don’t live anywhere where there’s a really cool skyline, like Manhattan’s. But there’s a distinct line between the sky and the trees here, so I figure it works.

I took this, actually, on our lovely little walk last night. The sunset was beautiful. My little phone camera didn’t quite do it justice, though.

Today’s subject is : something you wore today. With any luck, I’ll get that posted tonight. If not, you’ll see it tomorrow, I’m sure!

May 1, 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge

Per inspiration from many sources, I’ve decided to participate in one of these photo-a-day challenges. After checking out several options, I landed on this one from fat mum slim, which seems to be a bit more interesting than most, and was also at the original source of my inspiration. I plan to do my best to post each day’s photo on the day, but you know how sometimes my exhaustion gets the best of me (oh, by the way, I have another doc appointment next Friday. Cross your fingers for me!). I really need to stop using that as an excuse…or stop letting it get the better of me….but that’s not the point of today’s post.

Today is about:

Day 1

That all being said, it’s the 1st of May today, and I owe you all a photo of “peace.”

This is a toughy because I am anything but at peace at the moment, but if I was here:

I would most definitely feel more peaceful. Granted, I feel this is a pretty awful first photo. Boring as heck, but my brain is at a loss here for anything much more peaceful at the moment, so it’ll have to do. Maybe tomorrow’s “skyline” will be better.

Happy Tuesday, Folks. I hope yours has been more…energetic…than mine.