My name is Stephanie. I am 28 years old and for the past seventeen of those years, I’ve been a (mostly) vegetarian, which means I eat fish and other seafood, but no other meat. It’s always been a challenge to eat with other people. But being married to a carnivore extreme is proving to be the biggest challenge of them all.

Jim and I live in Roseville, CA in a (far too) small apartment with our cockatiel, Bella, our bearded dragon, Marshall, and a 10-gallon tank full of fish (they have no names). Since Jim works longer hours than I do, I wind up doing most of the cooking. I don’t mind so much because I love to cook. My mom taught me when I was little. I never had an Easy Bake Oven (that required electricity, which we didn’t have when I was young), so I learned to bake cookies and brownies and cakes in the real oven. I won’t say I always loved to cook. To bake, yes. But it wasn’t until college that I became interested in learning to make things that didn’t include cups full of sugar.

Now I try to cook dinner every night. On Sunday morning, I cook us breakfast. I try to make healthy, well-balanced dishes and I substitute and cut things whenever possible. But who can really resist a tall plate of pumpkin french toast every once in a while?

I believe balance is the key to all aspects of life. Eating a plate full of french toast in the morning is okay as long as it’s balanced out with lean protein, whole carbs and lots of fruits and veggies throughout the rest of the day. Likewise, in life, balance is important. Work and play. Hours asleep and hours awake. He picks the movie, I pick the movie. You get the point.

When I’m not cooking, baking or spending 8 hours of my day perusing the internet or posting to my blog…er, I mean WORKING….I can usually be found behind my camera, behind my laptop (working on my first novel), or in a fetal ball trying to figure out which item of my To Do list I should conquer next (and usually, unfortunately it’s not “go to the gym.” Need to work on that one.)

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures to come!

4 Comments to “About”

  1. Just found your blog and really enjoyed reading some of your posts! I can sympathize with you about being a mostly vegetarian married to a meat-lover…that used to be me and my hubs:) Whenever I would bring up eating veg a few nights a week, he would flip out. However, that all changed when we watched the documentary Forks Over Knives! And my husband was the one to suggest it. Now we’re both mostly vegetarians and love it!

    • My brother watched that documentary and now he and his family have gone “mostly vegetarian.” Fortunately for me, my husband is pretty accepting of the fact that there’s rarely meat on the table. He actually even likes some of the fake meat stuff out there. Granted, he won’t say no to a steak or hamburger when offered one! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Come back soon!

  2. I just found your blog after noticing on a foodie pen pals that you lived near Sac, and I had to check it out because I live in Antelope!

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