My knee is feeling better…my brain feels like mush

It’s been a full two days since I injured my knee, and its gotten a lot better. I can bend it. I drove to work today all by myself. It still hurts. It’s still bruised. It still feels tight. But it’s getting better.

It is not, however, allowing me to sleep yet, and the past three night’s worth of not sleeping is taking it’s toll today. I can’t concentrate. I keep dazing off. I think I’ve yawned more times in the past hour than I do on most days. When I don’t sleep, my tummy does weird things, so I’ve got this rumbly, upset, sort of sour stomach thing going on. Three shots of espresso couldn’t even save me this morning.

I’m cranky. And all I want to do is sleep.

So I think that’s pretty much all you’re getting out of me today. Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

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4 Comments to “My knee is feeling better…my brain feels like mush”

  1. I cant so relate to how you feel even though it was because of the pain but ones we had a power cut for 3 days and because Ghana is so humid it was literally impossible to sleep because I was literally just sweating hahah I know it doesn’t sound good but after 3 days of no sleep gosh I was like dead alive. so I understand and I can imagine how hard it would be even worse with pain. I really do hope you will get some sleep soon.

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