Baby fever…or not + bento lunches

Every time I turn around, someone is asking me when Jim and I are going to have a baby. And it never seems like any of my answers satisfies people. I feel like everyone expects us to drop everything and start trying right now.

And I know that I own the problem here. I need to just relax and let their comments slide by. When Jim and I are ready, we’ll start trying to have a baby. Yes, I know I’m 28 and my clock is ticking. And yes, I know that there’s never a perfect time to have a child. But isn’t there something to be said for being prepared for one?

Currently, we live in a 900 square foot apartment. It’s small. Almost all of our wedding gifts live in a 5×10 storage unit down the street because we can’t fit everything we own into the apartment. Also, Jim is still hunting for a job, which means my income is the only income, and it’s already spread pretty thin. And these are just the major points.

Me and my nephew when he was about a week old. Love this little guy!

Don’t get me wrong. I love kids. Eventually I plan to have one (two max!), but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to have space and money enough to accommodate a kid. In fact, I think its kind of irresponsible not to. I want to have a cute nursery for her/him, and I want to have a rocking chair and not just shove a crib into our extra bedroom amid the bookcases and rc cars. I want to be able to offer my child a comfortable and happy existence, something I don’t feel I can do at this exact moment in life.

So please, if you fall into the above category of people, give me a break, would ya? When we are ready for kids, I promise, you will be the first to know!

On a different, more delicious note, I have rediscovered the coolest lunch box! I used mine for a while and then I moved and it got stuck in the back of the cabinet and I just dug it out last night!

It’s a bento box!

They’re from a company called Laptop Lunches and they’re marketed more toward kids, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I think they’re a genius alternative to a traditional lunchbox or brown bag situation.

I used to pack up mine every day to bring to work. It’s a really useful tool in portion control and healthy eating. Each little box is a perfect serving of whatever you fill it with, and the company’s website has a ton of “menus” and recipes for different things you can fill it with. Like this one they call Potluck Bento. It has whole wheat pasta salad, cucumber, tomato and basil salad, crackers, a peach and balsamic dressing. Looks delicious to me!

And this one, called Hummus and Veggies.

And this one, called cashew crunch!

Their menus are grouped by season, so you can click “Spring” and there will be a bunch of menus with things that are in season in spring. The site also has a huge list of recipes for the different items on the menus (and more I think!).  I’m excited to try some of them out next week (after I go shopping this weekend. Our cabinets are bare! eep!). All of their menus are also health conscious and well-balanced, perfect for any kid…or adult!

Do you have any healthy lunch strategies? Have you ever tried a bento box lunch?



5 Comments to “Baby fever…or not + bento lunches”

  1. I’m glad you don’t feel rushed so we can be childless together, at least for a little while longer.

  2. SURPRISE SURPRISE! There are people over 40 who have babies! (Notice the plural!) Could be their clock is slow, and they are always running behind schedule, but you know what, life will wait for you until you catch up!

  3. Yay! Rekindle your bento spirit!

    Soon you’ll be bentoing for children, muwahahahaha!

    Have a fun journey!


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