Three more days!!!

Is anyone besides me entirely unprepared for the arrival of Christmas?

I JUST started my shopping yesterday. No, that’s a lie. I started  my shopped over a month ago. But none of the items I ordered stood alone, so what I really started yesterday was my supplemental shopping, so to speak.

But I’ve hit an obnoxious snag: my husband, I’ve decided, is expensive. I have been flooded with ideas for his gift….but all of them are well beyond my price range this year.

From tickets to games of his favorite teams to parts for his car, I just don’t have the funds to give him the perfect gift. And it’s discouraging me. Sure, I have a few small things. But this is our first married Christmas, and I want to give him a gift that says “wow, she really knows me. I know I married her for a reason!”

So does that mean just sucking it up and shelling out the extra money for one of the perfect gift ideas I have?

Or do I just suck it up and accept that I can’t get him exactly what I want?

Seems like a lose/lose situation to me. Either way, I have to suck something up.

Despite the frustration and anxiety about gifts, I am definitely excited for Christmas. We are spending Christmas Eve in Santa Cruz with Jim’s grandparents house with his parents and some other family on his mom’s side. Then we’re doing dinner at my mom’s house after with my brother’s family and a couple of close friends. It should be a really good Christmas.

Is anyone else having crazy problems finding the perfect gift? What are your plans for the weekend?



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