We have our Christmas tree!!!

This weekend was kind of a blur.

Friday night was slumber party night at the vineyard, although my mom got sick and wasn’t able to make it. The three of us had a ton of fun anyway. We worked on my cherry zinfandel fudge recipe…which didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to, although it tasted AMAZING. We worked on decorating and had a delicious dinner and watched Christmas in Boston (has anyone seen that? It’s soooo good!). It was a long night, but full of much needed fun and relaxation!

The next morning we began working on putting lights and decorations up at the shop. Lack of sleep + people not showing up who promised to made me kind of cranky early on, but as everything started going up and becoming festive, my mood changed (putting on Christmas music helped too!).

In the afternoon, my mom and I went to a Christmas tea that my friend, Liz, from college and her mom and sisters host every year. Liz moved away to go to grad school, so it was nice to see her and catch up. It’s something my mom and I look forward to every year. Just sitting there, sharing tea memories and steaming cups of the delicious drink and so much food we never leave hungry. It’s a delightful break from all the madness!

That evening I went home, changed for the third time that day and Jim and I met his boss and a client of theirs for dinner at Scott’s Seafood in Sacramento. We ate and drank and sat and talked for hours. I had never met the client before and he and his girlfriend were lovely people. She and I were sitting at one end of the table, so we talked about food, cooking, kids, crappy mattresses and how different it is to live with men than alone!

All in all, it was a pretty great day. I fell into bed and was asleep almost immediately.

Sunday we got up late, I made gingerbread french toast that didn’t quite taste enough like gingerbread but was still delicious and we went out and got our Christmas tree!

We went with Jim’s mom and step dad and his little niece, Mya.  She had so much fun, especially because there were free cookies and hot cocoa…..

With PINK marshmallows!!!

They were peppermint flavored. So yummy!

Mya and her pink marshmallow hot cocoa

We went out to lunch at Max’s where Jim’s step dad is the general manager and I am a server (although technically I haven’t worked a shift in 5 months. eep!), and then went home to decorate!

Since our apartment is rather small, we tried to find a tree that about matched its size. When we got the thing in, I was worried that it wasn’t going to fit in the corner we had our tree last year (and the only corner that would actually fit a tree at all!), but even with the angel on top, it fit in perfectly!

Jim fighting with the net around the tree


One of our favorite ornaments my mom got us in Alaska last year

Despite being totally exhausted, it was a really fun evening. We ate our usual Sunday “nosh” (maybe I’ll post about that next week!), watched a Christmas movie (which I fell asleep in the middle of), and fell into bed without an ounce of trouble falling asleep.

How was your weekend? Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?

2 Comments to “We have our Christmas tree!!!”

  1. I put mine up this weekend! Still have to add the bulbs and such – I will post pictures on my blog this week. this is a really cute theme for a blog!

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