Lazy girl skips the gym AND eats sushi for dinner

Do you love my butterfly socks?


That’s right. I not only skipped the gym in favor of sitting in front of the tv under my favorite blankey all evening, I didn’t cook dinner. I ordered sushi instead. And I don’t even feel bad about it.

In fact, I’m feeling much better. See, lazy is probably the wrong word to use. My body was telling me I needed to take it easy this evening. I haven’t been sleeping well again and there’s only so much I can do on a few hours of sleep before I start getting sick. So, here I sit, for the 4th hour tonight. And hopefully this relaxation will lead to a night of restful sleep. Cross your fingers for me!

P.S. Is anyone else watching Hart of Dixie? I’m hooked!


4 Comments to “Lazy girl skips the gym AND eats sushi for dinner”

  1. Staying home on the couch isn’t lazy – it’s self administered therapy!

  2. Hahahah!!! I love your night, this is my kind of evening!!

    I’ve seen an episode of the show, and really enjoyed it!


    • Yay! Okay, keep watching so we can talk about it together, okay? It took me the longest time to figure out who Lemon was. She played Heather Vandergeld on White Chicks! My husband loves that movie. lol

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