Farm fresh to ME!

This has been the best morning!

I got to wear my new purple coat.

Do you love my morning hair?

While looking for a movie to put on and listen to at work, I found out my mom had Eloise at Christmastime, which while a bit childish, I know, is one of my favorites. I used to read the books ALL the time when I was little. Love that little girl!

I lost 6 lbs since the last time I weighed myself!

My favorite tree on the drive between work and my parents’ house is in full fall swing. It looks almost like it’s on fire!

And lastly, I opened our front door this morning to find our Farm Fresh to You shipment waiting for me with a lovely bunch of fresh, organic local fruits and veggies inside.

Along with the pictured persimmons, pears, strange mushrooms I need to research, and grapes you can clearly see, the shipment came with 5 leeks, 2 winter squash (squashes? squish?), a bunch of arugula, a head of green leaf lettuce and three small bunches of broccoli.

I love this service. I love getting things in the box that I don’t normally cook with.

Persimmons? What the heck do I do with these?!

I can’t wait for these babies to ripen a little bit more so I can sink my teeth into them.


Not a bad start for a Monday morning.


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